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Welcome to the Central Canadian Public Television Association
CCPTA - Toronto

The Central Canadian Public Television Association (CCPTA) is a Canadian charitable organization established in 2000 and is an option for a Canadian donor who wants to make a tax-deductible donation in support of educational programming. The mission of the CCPTA is to advance education through the production, distribution, and promotion of non-commercial television programs, films, and communications that are educational in nature.

A gift to the CCPTA is used at the discretion of the CCPTA Board of Directors to support the mission of the organization. This includes using the funds to work with an agent to produce, acquire and distribute content that highlights the culture and community of Southern Ontario.

Since its inception, The CCPTA Board of Directors has allocated a large part of its donations to create Canadian content that is produced by Buffalo Toronto Public Media (BTPM). Buffalo Toronto Public Media is your local public broadcasting station that serves the Western New York and Southern Ontario communities and is a leading producer of bi-national content for local, regional and national productions.

Productions funded by the CCPTA have included the following programs: “Canada Files,” “Toronto’s First Family of Theatre,” “The Klondike Gold Rush,” “1812 on the Niagara Frontier,” “The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain,” “Underground Railroad: The William Still Story,” and “The War of 1812.”


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